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Ola Design Group is a hui (collaborative) of experts in design, horticulture, ecology, and land stewardship. Our combined years of experience crafting regenerative solutions for landscapes at an array of scales can help your project evolve beyond your wildest expectations.

Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), we are able to thoughtfully analyze large parcels of land to gauge their suitability for different land-based and water-based living systems.

Initial Site Assessment

Do you already have land that you’re wanting to steward, but are unsure about how to begin?
Our very popular Initial Site Assessment offers:
  • A thought-filled two hour visitation to the land, to assess the site’s major attributes, the opportunities for abundant, nature-based systems, and to ascertain any critical issues that need to be dealt with promptly. Particular attention is given to topography, water, existing vegetation, access and circulation, and possible regulatory issues.
  • During this site visit, we will also dialogue about how the site conditions feed into your short and long term goals.
  • After the site assessment, you will receive a multi-page digitized document, describing the major insights and observations from the visit, as they relate to your goals.

Pre-Purchase Property Assessment

Find the property of your dreams! Ola Design Group can help you select the parcel of land that most closely aligns with your future land stewardship aspirations. Since our team has an intimate working knowledge of the physical and cultural landscape of the Hawaiian Islands, these consultations often save the prospective landowner many thousands of dollars by bringing to light various constraints possessed by a site.

A Pre-Purchase Assessment includes:
  • A pre-visit Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis of the land, vegetation, and soils
  • A goals articulation questionnaire to help assess if this is the right property for you
  • A 2-3 hour site visit with you to attune to the land, generate ideas, and assess permaculture & organic farming potential.
  • A 4 page digitized summary of our visit.


With a licensed landscape contractor on our Team, Ola Design Group is able to interface with virtually any aspect of landscape construction – from backyard orchard implementation to full-scale diversified farm developments.


Need a helping hand(s) to steward your land? Our competent team of holistic land-based professionals has the skills and experience to maintain (and enhance) new and existing parcels of land.

We offer a wide range of seminars and workshops geared toward self-reliance and earth regeneration.

Join us at one of our upcoming offerings.

USDA/NRCS and DLNR Technical Services

Members of our hui are certified Technical Service Providers with USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and also with the State of Hawaii’s Dept of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR). We can help you craft agroforestry designs (e.g., multispecies windbreaks, food forests, and silvopastoral systems), ponds/reservoirs, and conservation plans for your homestead or farm project, that can be partially reimbursed by these government programs. 

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